Historiography Workshop

Jo Whiteman, of SCEGGS, has kindly offered to organise a workshop for teachers of Latin Extension and IB. The workshop is being planned for week 3 or 4 of Term 2. Jo will be approaching different speakers to talk about Livy, Tacitus and historiography in general.

In Jo’s own words:

“Teachers who wish to attend the workshop would prepare the following in advance:

  • One Livy passage with short answer questions;
  •  One Tacitus passage with short answer questions;
  • One unseen for Livy;
  • One unseen for Tacitus.

These should be sent (with answers) by email to me no later than Thursday 27 April. The questions and answers could then be collated into a booklet to be available on the day of the workshop.

I propose a modest cost of $30.00 per participant, which would cover the cost of the three speakers, the photocopying of the booklet and afternoon tea. I am basing this cost on attendance of approximately 25 teachers.”

Expressions of interest, volunteers, and any suggestions for speakers or workshop ideas should be emailed to Jo at JoWhiteman@sceggs.nsw.edu.au.