Rusticatio Australiana 2019 (a message from Anthony Gibbins)

Salvete sodales!

You are invited to join our second annual Rusticatio Australiana, a five-day full-immersion Latin event in a supportive, welcoming environment for Latin-speaking enthusiasts of all levels.

Sponsored by SALVI (The North American Institute for Living Latin), Rusticatio provides opportunities for adult learners to develop their skills in spoken Latin and (re)activate knowledge of the language learned in secondary school or university. This is achieved in an inclusive, growth-oriented manner through involvement in whole group activities, as well as within more intimate small groups appropriately called Greges.

Participants live together for a week while they speak, read, prepare meals, and relax - all while communicating entirely in Latin. Rusticatio offers high-energy conversation exercises and readings from Latin literature. Through a variety of exchanges, including instructional sessions, a common kitchen, daily shared tasks, and downtime, you will enjoy a feeling of camaraderie while experiencing first-hand various teaching methods which are directly applicable to teaching Latin effectively in the classroom.

Experience a welcoming space where a range of Latin speaking abilities are present, allowing you to find your own level of Latin conversation. First-time Latin speakers who have experience in studying Latin but not speaking it will find the activities both enjoyable and appropriately challenging. For experienced and intermediate level speakers, the environment offers the opportunity to improve your speaking ability by taking part in various activities guided by our experienced staff.

Rusticatio Australiana will be held 15-19 July 2019 at the Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat, NSW.

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 Carpe Diem!


Anthony Gibbins