Rusticatio Australiana 2019 (a message from Anthony Gibbins)

Salvete sodales!

You are invited to join our second annual Rusticatio Australiana, a five-day full-immersion Latin event in a supportive, welcoming environment for Latin-speaking enthusiasts of all levels.

Sponsored by SALVI (The North American Institute for Living Latin), Rusticatio provides opportunities for adult learners to develop their skills in spoken Latin and (re)activate knowledge of the language learned in secondary school or university. This is achieved in an inclusive, growth-oriented manner through involvement in whole group activities, as well as within more intimate small groups appropriately called Greges.

Participants live together for a week while they speak, read, prepare meals, and relax - all while communicating entirely in Latin. Rusticatio offers high-energy conversation exercises and readings from Latin literature. Through a variety of exchanges, including instructional sessions, a common kitchen, daily shared tasks, and downtime, you will enjoy a feeling of camaraderie while experiencing first-hand various teaching methods which are directly applicable to teaching Latin effectively in the classroom.

Experience a welcoming space where a range of Latin speaking abilities are present, allowing you to find your own level of Latin conversation. First-time Latin speakers who have experience in studying Latin but not speaking it will find the activities both enjoyable and appropriately challenging. For experienced and intermediate level speakers, the environment offers the opportunity to improve your speaking ability by taking part in various activities guided by our experienced staff.

Rusticatio Australiana will be held 15-19 July 2019 at the Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat, NSW.

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 Carpe Diem!


Anthony Gibbins

Overseas Professional Development opportunities

There are a number of conferences and summer schools that happen in the northern hemisphere over their summer period. Find below the links to some available opportunities!

2018 AGM and Dinner

On 30 November we celebrated the end of 2018 with our Annual General Meeting and Dinner.

2018 was another successful year. On top of all our regular events, we ran a successful conference and helped host the first Australian 'Rusticatio'.

At the dinner, Anthony Gibbins was awarded the Raeburn trophy for the advancement of classics for organising the Rusticatio and developing his wonderful website Legonium. Our resident potter, Dorothy Healey provided a beautiful new trophy after the previous statue met an unfortunate end in transit.

We also awarded life membership to Karyn Moon in recognition of her years of service to the profession and the association.

We wish everyone a happy and restful holiday break and look forward to more fun-filled Classics events in 2019.

Hellenic Museum Summer School

This January, spend a week exploring the ancient world with Dr Christopher Gribbin at the annual Hellenic  Museum Summer School. This year's summer school features short courses focusing on four thought-provoking topics:

  • the Minoans and Mycenaeans

  • Cities of the Greek and Roman World

  • Ancient Greek Religion

  • How to Argue Like Socrates.

Classes are informative, relaxed and entertaining, taking place in the heritage-listed Hellenic Museum  and with access to the museum's fantastic collection of antiquities.

The summer school is an ideal way to get to know the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines better or to learn  about them for the first time.

 The Summer School will run from 7-11 January 2019. Anyone is welcome!

 For more details, go to or  contact

CLTA Conference 2018 - Doceo et Disceo

Our 2018 conference took place on 17-19 November, providing the Classical Languages teaching community with an unparalleled opportunity to share ideas, network and socialise.

We welcomed members from all over Sydney and formed new relationships with colleagues from Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, New Zealand and Hong Kong! All attendees attested to the usefulness and value of the plenaries and workshops, as well as the opportunities to informally talk and share ideas.

We owe an enormous thank you to our President, Emily Matters, and to the rest of the conference committee for the countless hours spent ensuring the smooth running of the conference. Thank you to all who presented plenaries or workshops and to all who participated with such enthusiasm.

Please check the Resources page to download some of the presentations given and for links to various websites mentioned. This will continue to be updated.

Year 9 Latin Reading Competition

The results are in from last night's Year 9 Latin Reading Competition! Thank you again to Alison Chau and Karyn Moon from Sydney Girls High School for hosting another wonderful evening. Thank you also to Joydeep Hor from People + Culture Strategies for his continued sponsorship of this wonderful evening.

Overall winners:
1st place: Cranbrook School
2nd place: Sydney Girls High School

Orpheus award:
Meriden School

Solo verse:
1st place: Cranbrook School
2nd place: Sydney Girls High School

Solo prose:
1st place: Sydney Girls High School
2nd place: Cranbrook School

Rosemary Davies Art and Design award: Sydney Girls High School
People's Choice award: St Aloysius' College

Kevin Lee Latin Quiz Results

The Kevin Lee Latin quiz was held this year on Thurs 21 June. A big thank you to Jo Whiteman and SCEGGS Darlinghurst for hosting again this year, to our quiz master, quiz writer and judge on the night, and to all of the teachers who inspired their students to attend and compete (including Newington who were competing for the first time). It was a thrilling night as always, with SCEGGS taking home a rare (perhaps first-ever) double double win.

The results of the 2018 Competition are as follows;

Year 7 - 10 Division


  1. SCEGGS Darlinghurst
  2. Sydney Girls HS
  3. aeq.  Newington and North Sydney Boys HS


  1. Frensham
  2. SHORE
  3. aeq.  St Aloysius and St Joseph’s

Year 10 Division


  1. SCEGGS Darlinghurst
  2. Sydney Girls HS
  3. aeq.  St Aloysius and SHORE


  1. North Sydney Boys HS
  2. St Joseph’s
  3. Frensham

James Morwood memorial service

James Morwood’s memorial was held in the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford on Sunday February 4, 2018. A large crowd of people was present, representing all aspects of James’s career as Classics teacher at Harrow, lecturer at Oxford, prolific writer, mainstay of the annual Greek Summer School, theatre and music critic, and very well loved friend. Emily Matters' book, Eureka!, is dedicated to James and was mentioned at the memorial service and put on display.

IMG_2574 (002).JPG

Eureka - order online now!

"Eureka - an introduction to Classical Greek for young Australians" by our very own President, Emily Matters, is now available for order. It is an introductory textbook that makes links with Aboriginal culture and Australian history. The price per copy is $35, and $15 for a teacher's manual, with a free PDF of the teacher's manual available with purchase of five or more copies.

Click here to access the order form for EUREKA.