The CLTA offers a variety of awards and scholarships aimed at fostering students and teachers of Greek and Latin.

Brother b.m. dynes award

The Brother B.M. Dynes Award for a senior undergraduate intending to follow a career in Classics teaching. The Award carries a total value of $1000.

Brother Mark Dynes was a member of the Order of Christian Brothers for 59 years, a distinguished classicist and a University medallist in Greek.  His life-long love of teaching inspired his colleagues and students. This award was established jointly by the CLTA and the Order of Christian Brothers. Several recipients of the Award are now employed teaching Classical Languages in Australian schools.

Inquiries can be directed to Heather Powell.

barton fund grants for teachers

The Barton fund gives small grants to fund or partially fund student-focused activities. For example, grants may cover the purchase of resources or expenditure incurred in the promotion of Latin and/or Classical Greek in a New South Wales school. The committee encourages applicants to be innovative in their requests. This grant may cover an expenditure unable to be covered by normal funding procedures from school funds.

Please send enquiries to Jann Hoyos.

barton scholarship for tertiary study in classical languages

This scholarship is awarded to students who have presented Latin and/or Classical Greek in the HSC and who are studying one or both subjects at any New South Wales or ACT university. The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the HSC results on confirmation of university enrolment in Latin and/or Classical Greek in the following year.

Please send enquiries to Jann Hoyos.

denise reading memorial fund for primary latin

This fund has recently been established in honour of the late Denise Reading who ran the Junior Classical League. This fund will accept applications for funding for support, mentoring and resources for primary school Latin programs.

Application details to come.